Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) – Culinary talent will soon have a new place to call home in downtown Lansing.

Downtown Lansing Inc. announced plans for a unique space called The Macotta Club that will house several different food options.

“We love the connection with the Knapps building and the Macotta tile that frames the entire facade of that building so that’s where the part of the name was inspired from as well,” said Downtown Lansing Inc. Executive Director Cathleen Edgerly.

The dining location will take up 20,000 square feet of the building’s first floor with seating and a bar with spaces for six restaurants, a commercial kitchen and 15 food concepts.

The club will not only showcase local talent but also give them a launching pad.

“Learn some valuable lessons, receive some training and have a shared space that will remove some of that risk because just opening up that restaurant concept, there’s a lot of costs right at the get-go when you open up a brick and mortar space,” said Edgerly.

Nikki Thompson Frazier with Sweet Encounters knows that growth well.

She opened up her baked goods shop in the Knapps Center after spending a year in DLI’s Middle Village micro market.

“And it was really a great way to get your feet wet and really start to build your business, and build your clientele and move into my own space,” she said.

The Macotta Club is expected to open next year.