LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Unlike the trial’s two predecessors, which were in federal court, this one’s taking place in a state court.

In fact, it’s happening right here in Jackson county.

After two days of jury selection, assistant attorney general Bill Rollstin began making his case this morning.

Paul Bellar, Pete Musico and Joseph Morrison face charges for three crimes, including providing material support for terrorist plots against Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Throughout the day, attorneys made their opening statements, providing a road map of what can be expected throughout the next two to three weeks during the trial.

The prosecution argued the three men were involved in a gang called the Wolverine Watchmen and were responsible for using firearms to train Adam Fox, who was convicted on federal charges of Kidnapping-Conspiracy in August.

“All of the members of the wolverine watchmen shared a common ideology in that they hated our government, they wanted to kill law enforcement police officers, and that the gang gave them the motive means and opportunity to train adam fox knowing he was going to commit an act of terrorism,” said assistant attorney general Bill Rollstin.

Each defense attorney laid out their case, questioning their clients’ relation to Adam Fox, claiming the group was not considered a gang and that the prosecution would fail to prove much beyond a reasonable doubt.

“If you find that paul did not materially contribute to a terrorist act everything else falls like dominoes,” said Andrew Kirkpatrick, Paul Bellar’s attorney. “You have no gang because a gang requires you to break the law, if you have no breaking of the law, a felony firearm requires you to break the law while you are possessing a firearm so everything rises and falls on the very first one.”

After each side provided videos, images and other evidence that had been collected from police the testimony is underway.