The impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on Sparrow hospital

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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A Sparrow hospital employee is sharing how they are handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Before our 6 News crew was allowed inside the hospital, they needed to be screened along with all other visitors and staff. This is an effort to keep everyone inside healthy.

At the end of the screening each person is given a wrist band.

Medical Director of Sparrow Laboratories James Richard said the pandemic is putting a stress on all hospital facilities. This includes lab testing, nursing and certainly the emergency room.

“Knowing what we have to do and so it’s critical that we turn around and train additional individuals” said Richard.

He said there have been people who have tested positive for coronavirus and treated at Sparrow.

“It’s not just stick it in a machine and out pops a result,” Richard said. “This requires very well trained technical staff as well as professional staff that are use to looking at this in a critical fashion.”

He said they do have the resources to help these patients, but these resources are limited.

If you are having symptoms of coronavirus they ask you to first contact your primary care doctor and do not just show up to the hospital first.

He adds to make sure you’re protecting yourself at home.

“Distancing is critical and making sure that you practice that whether you’re at home, in the hospital, just anywhere you’re gathering,” Richard said. “Again, trying to keep gatherings to as few of people as possible.”

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