INGHAM COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — With the flu, the respiratory virus and COVID-19 rates circulating, the Ingham County Health Department has some tips for keeping you healthy.

The ICHD recommends regular handwashing, increasing airflow, asymptomatic COVID-19 testing and masking to reduce health risks. For masking, the ICHD recommends doing so before and during gatherings.

On their Facebook page, the ICHD reshared a post from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that had photos with more recommendations.

Additionally, the ICHD said that open communication is best.

“Be transparent ahead of time about your symptoms, exposures, and comfort levels,” the post read. “And if any guests are at higher risk—very young children, older relatives, and those with certain health conditions—be inclusive of their needs.”

Not feeling 100%? Just stay home, and germs aren’t on anyone’s wishlist.