CLINTON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — All week long for testing purposes, people in Clinton County will be hearing tornado sirens going off.

These practice sirens are being put off so safety managers can finish the final phase of its upgrade with a new radio system. The upgrade will involve modifications to ensure that all 18 tornado sirens alert people correctly.

Clinton County has now joined the Michigan Public Safety Communication System.

The final phase of this project started on Aug. 8 and will run through Aug. 12.

The new system will help get information out to the public quicker in the case of an emergency.

It will also provide a broader reach of communication between management, and allow for better response to large-scale events.

The system can bring in people from outside the county when Clinton County is in need of help.

“We have three towers in our county, but now when we hit the edges of our county, we can also pull in service from the other towers surrounding. It has improved our coverage area, in those outlying areas that maybe our towers weren’t reaching as good as they could have. So now we can pull in coverage from other counties and improve the safety of our responders .”

Christine Collom, Director of Clinton County Central Dispatch

There is no specific schedule for when the sirens will go off, but officials say they hope the community can be patient with them in this time of improvement.

Sirens will start to sound in the northern parts of the county first and then move to the south.

To stay updated on severe weather in Clinton County, click here to sign up for Smart911.

“When a tornado warning hits our county, it’s important to alert our public. If you are outside, take shelter, if you’re inside and you hear the sirens take immediate cover, go to your local news station or alert weather app. Tornadoes are very unpredictable. We don’t receive a lot of warnings in a tornado situation, take those serious to protect you and your family.”

Christine Collom, Director of Clinton County Central Dispatch