LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A man from Baraga County in the Upper Peninsula is facing some heavy charges.

William Michale Brunk, 26, has been charged after an undercover human trafficking sting allegedly caught him trying to have sex with an undercover officer posing as an underage girl.

Brunk faces the following charges:

  • One count of child sexually abusive activity. A 20-year felony
  • One count of using a computer to commit a crime, another 20-year felony
  • One count of using a computer to commit a crime, a seven-year felony
  • One count of accosting a child for immoral purposes, a four-year felony

The charges relate back to a June 2022 incident where a Houghton Co. Sheriff’s deputy posted a video on a Snapchat account pretending to be a 15-year-old girl.

Brunk allegedly messaged the deputy, thinking they were a teenager.

He asked the deputy to meet at a hotel in Baraga County for sex. When he arrived, he was met by the undercover deputy and was immediately arrested.

“Those who prey upon children are the most depraved members of society and I will use the full resources of the Department of Attorney General to prosecute offenders,” said Nessel in a press release.  “I commend our partners in law enforcement for their diligence in apprehending predators that seek to exploit and assault kids.” 

The fake Snapchat account was first made in 2019 to help with criminal investigations. The account is run by law enforcement but depicts a young girl instead.

Brunk’s bond was set at $25,000 with the condition that he have no contact with unaccompanied minors, no use of computers, the internet, or social media and no weapons, drugs or alcohol without a prescription.