As the unemployment rate continues to trend downward, employers face new challenges to fill jobs. There were at least three job fairs today in Mid-Michigan.

Damon Daniels from Umbrellex came today hoping potential employees would show up. And they did. In numbers. Damon says their focus is on developing relationships with the ones who work along side them. 

“It’s not necessarily how you pull them in to get them to apply for the job and actually start their first week and work a month. We want them to work for years so it has to be a situation where you just respect them for being an adult who needs more than just a pay check.”

It’s a challenge because unemployment sits at 4.2 % here in Michigan according to the US Department of Labor. That is down from 8.7% in 2013. And today, GST Michigan works gave several businesses the chance to have one on one time with potential employees. Experts say the change in the unemployment rate has shifted the way businesses attract employees. 

“Really what’s happening is the employers that offer the better benefits the better pay, a better work life balance are the one’s that are going to be getting the people,” said Business Service Representative at GST Works, Chris Schueler. 

Businesses like Rugged Liner say they have made the necessary changes. 
“We have worked over the last two years to change some of our benefits, work to get a little more personal time PTO up front to new employees walking in.  Myself and my team we have been working with coming up with a better training program that way it’s more personalized and one on one with the newer generation,” said Human Resource Manager at Rugged Line, Robert Callison.

Click here for a link on how to get connected with career opportunities from Michigan Works.