More than 200,000 face shields, each pallet weighing 1,200 pounds, are ready to be delivered to schools, businesses, direct care workers, and non-profits helping with Covid-19 relief.

It all started with a pledge from a company called Insta Shield, that if they sold a million face shields, they would donate a million. They did, and that’s when the United Way of Jackson came in to help.

“They know we are the boots on the ground in the communities, and Jackson is sort of central so we coordinated to be the center point for the state, and all of these shields came here so that we can get them out to the rest of the United Ways across the state of Michigan,” said Labor Liaison For the United Way of Jackson, Colleen Sullivan.                    

The shields were uniquely designed to fit comfortably with a hat. Doctors say, new research out of India shows that face shields are more effective for health care workers than regular masks.

“We saw that when they are in face shields with these workers, they had zero health care workers that got sick, so I think we have a general idea about what protects us in terms of acquisition of the disease,” said Infectious Disease Specialist at Henry Ford Health Systems, Dr. Vivek Kak.                    

The United Way hopes this large donation can help protect Jackson, and other communities across the state.

“We just hope it helps alleviate any kind of barriers, helps people feel safer, and also it’s just another great way for the community to come together, and collaborate,” said Sullivan.                 

The United Way, and JCAN will also be providing the community with cleaning supplies.