EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Three Michigan universities are coming together to fight COVID-19 together.

The presidents from Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University came together Thursday afternoon for a town hall meeting online.

These institutions make up Michigan’s University Research Corridor which is working to find a coronavirus vaccine, treatment, and recommendations to flatten the curve.

MSU president Samuel Stanley Jr. said MSU’s research team has developed a test that’s waiting on FDA approval.

“A molecular test that’s much more accurate than those currently available so, in other words, can detect lower levels of virus and it turns out to be important because as I’ve talked to people on the front lines there is a concern that’s been taking place about tests that aren’t sensitive enough,” said Stanley

Wayne State President M. Roy Wilson said he’s proud of setting up mobile COVID-19 testing sites in Detroit.

“Where we have a number of cars that are equipped to be able to go to hot spots sites around the city and actually test in those areas,” Wilson said.

U of M President Mark Schlissel said they do a lot of work with drug discovery, “and we’re actually applying the tools of artificial intelligence to look at all existing drugs that are already approved to treat other diseases and we already know their safety profiles and their dosing and we’re using computational methods to suggest which ones are most likely to have a possible effect against the COVID-19 illness.”

All presidents are also now looking at what the fall semester will look like for students.
there is a possibility of having only online classes.