LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Last week we first brought you a story about a used car lot in Lansing accused of selling bad cars.

One man told 6 News he bought a vehicle from Dice Auto Sales and a week later the car stopped working.

Since the story aired more people have contacted 6 News with similar experiences.

“I expected him to be cautious and respectful and honestly care about other people when they’re on the road with the vehicles that they’re selling.”

That’s what 21-year-old Desirae Cornell thought Dice Auto Sales owner Jeff Dice would do when she went looking for a car.

Cornell bought a used Chevy Impala from Dice Auto Sales in April.

A vehicle she says appeared to be in good condition but a few days later something just didn’t feel right with the vehicle so she asked her stepfather to take a closer look.

“My stepdad pointed out that I had no motor mount, no transmission mount, my alternator was bad. My rotors look like somebody dug a rock on the inside,” Cornell said.

And that wasn’t all. Hoping to have her vehicle repaired, Cornell says she went back to the lot with a list of these exact problems and asked Dice to take care of it. She says owner Jeff Dice gave her his word that he would.

“They had my car for two days and after I picked it up nothing was fixed,” she said.

Cornell says she’s had to miss work because of being without a car, and on top of that, she’s still responsible for a car payment that’s putting a big hole in her pocket.

“Dude, I have to pay $267 when you’ve had my vehicle way more than I’ve had my vehicle. That’s kind of messed up. I might become homeless I might have to live in that car. That’s the only thing that I have,” she said.

So, 6 News went to Dice Auto Sales looking for some answers.

The owner Jeff Dice wasn’t there, but one of his colleagues was and said Dice wants to talk with 6 News tomorrow, June 16.

As for Cornell, she says she only wants one thing.

“Just fix my car. Like that’s it,” she said.