(KLAS/CNN) – The U.S. Navy has finally acknowledged that videos appearing to show UFOs flying through the air are the real deal.

They were recorded years ago by fighter pilots.

Then in 2017, they were made public by the New York Times.

To make this even more out of this world, they were also released by the UFO research group founded by former Blink 182 singer and guitarist Tom Delonge.

That’s the same guy who wrote their song “Aliens Exist.”

Images of that “rotating thing” captured by U.S. Navy aircraft show sensors locking in on the target.

Commander David Fravor saw it firsthand during a training mission, describing it like a “40-foot-long tic tac” maneuvering rapidly and changing direction.

The object was first sighted in 2004, then similar objects were seen again in 2015.

Footage of the sightings, declassified by the military, were not made public until Dec. 2017 by the NYT and a group that researches UFOs.

The Navy says it still doesn’t know what the objects are, and officials aren’t speculating.

A Navy spokesman simply confirmed to CNN the objects seen in the various clips are “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs.

The UFO reports were first investigated by a secret $22 million program – part of the Defense Department budget – that investigated reports of UFOs.

The program has since been shut down, but it was run by a military intelligence official who told CNN they found compelling evidence that we “may not be alone.”

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