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Tap Water Tasting ‘Off’ This Summer?

Several Americans are now reporting their tap water is tasting slightly different this summer.

Officials say complaints of an “earthy” or “musty” taste or smell is the result of an increased growth of some algae compounds.

Experts say this is all thanks to the consistent warm weather we’ve been having.

The important thing to note is the water is not harmful and it is safe to drink.

To help out with the odd taste, health experts recommend chilling your water or adding lemon.

Six Flags in California to Debut Record-Breaking Wonder Woman Coaster

Six Flags in California is set to open its record-breaking Wonder Woman Roller-Coaster this week.

The Flight of Courage will become the tallest and longest single-rail coaster on the planet.

The coaster will take riders 131 feet in the air. Riders can expect steep climbs, a gigantic 87 degree drop and speeds of up to 58 miles per hour.

The ride is set to open Saturday, July 16.