LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s a question many police departments have had to answer these days.

The Grand Rapids Police Department waited 10 days to release the Lyoya shooting video, while East Lansing police have not shared the video from Monday’s shooting in a Meijer parking lot.

Roseville Police recently released a video of a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened on Tuesday.

With so much video available now, police are struggling to decide when images will be shared with the public.

One expert says that everything starts with the 911 dispatcher.

“She might’ve been told that there was a gunman. She might’ve been told that somebody’s dying of a cardiac arrest and they need to get there right away,” said Daniel B. Kennedy, an Oakland University criminal justice professor. “There are all kinds of background facts that the emergency responder police officer would know that the camera doesn’t know.”

Professor Kennedy says the delay in releasing body cam footage is because of a variety of factors.

“There’s something called inattentional blindness, which is essentially when we tend to see what we’re looking for,” continued Kennedy. “So if we’re looking for certain things, because we’ve been told to expect certain things, we just tend to block out other things that might appear on the scene.”

As for Monday’s shooting in East Lansing, Kennedy says privacy could be a concern.

Many departments choose to wait until tensions have cooled down, but in Roseville, they got the information out as soon as possible.

“It’s always a tragedy. It’s a tragedy when the person may lose his or her life. It’s also a tragedy for the police officer who takes that life because that’s something nobody ever forgets,” said Kennedy.

East Lansing is holding a special meeting to address Monday’s shooting Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Hannah Community Center. The meeting is open to the public.