LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Around 53% of citizens in our state give Governor Gretchen Whitmer a positive job approval rating, but there are some who are not pleased – and it’s not just Republicans.

Let’s start with Whitmer’s gender gap. Around 47% of men give her good job approval marks, but that is 12 points lower than the 59% of women who agree.

There is also an age gap of 25 points. Those over 65 are at 63%, while those between 50 and 64 sit at 38%.

And one more gap, which is the biggest of them all by, has a gap of 37 points. About 86% of Black people approve governor is doing but it’s a 49%-49% split with whites.

Pollster Bernie Porn, who gathered this data, blames Republican men for the gap on all three fronts.

“Male and female is mostly explained by the much higher negative rating among Republican men.  86%,” said Porn. “And I’m sure all the other breakouts are a result of that partisan difference.”

The governor piled up an 11-point win over GOP Candidate Tudor Dixon, and women were the key to the victory as 68% of those women between 18 and 49 felt the governor deserved four more years.

Even though the Detroit voter turnout was comparatively low, 84% like what the governor is doing.

In mid-Michigan it’s 53% to 46%.

Given all the worries about inflation, the governor’s numbers don’t seem to reflect that on the right track/wrong track question. Why the disconnect?

“Good government is when my guys are in. Bad government is when their guys are in,” said Porn.

The good news for Whitmer is since she can’t run for governor again, the polling is not as critical to her as it was the last four years when her job was on the line.