LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The governor came into her fifth state of the state with three audiences to please. First, she used the address to let citizens know she knew they were struggling.  

“Michiganders are facing the pinch right now, due to inflation,” she began.

Her second audience was the legislative Republicans, whom she will need to adopt her agenda, which is why she led the speech talking about issues the Republicans will support, including tax cuts for needy families and senior retirees.

The Republicans will also support her program for universal and free daycare for all families.

Her goal was to start the new year by generating as much bipartisan cooperation as possible, which is why she mentioned the concept eight times in her address.

Her third audience was her democratic voter base. She wanted to let them know she was on their side when it came to individual rights and freedoms.

On this front she may not get a lot of GOP support, but she is confident she can protect those rights with enough Democrats who now control both the House and Senate. After all, preserving the right to an abortion was part of the reason she was giving the speech and not Tudor Dixon.

The governor knew she would get standing ovations from her side, but she was also on a mission to get the Republicans to stand as much as possible. She even referenced that when she took a shot at the state of Ohio.

The most controversial part of the address focused on gun safety proposals. Democrats are ready, but maybe not all of them, and NRA Republicans will fight this. This line drew the most applause, however.

“The time for only thoughts and prayers is over.”

The governor now takes to the road to drum up citizen support for those issues that will be tough to pass

She is hoping that working with the Republicans on tax cuts will lay the foundation to pass other more dicey issues.