With a full house, parents work to keep the peace at home


Take a walk outside, and you might see parks with caution tape put up around jungle gyms, and playgrounds, and basketball rims taken down at city parks across the state. It’s a new normal that’s hard to comprehend.

Parent Educator, and mother of three Joan Lewis says, this is a stressful time for everyone, and now more than ever it’s important to talk with your kids.

“When you do take that time out with your children and ask them how do they feel? They know that you care, and you are bonding with them,” said Parent Educator, Joan Lewis.
Lewis says even though kids are not in school, that doesn’t mean the learning stops.

“Life is education. Experience is educational. We’ve been cooking together, so they have to learn how to use a measuring cups. Measuring cups are fractions, so you’re doing math, and then at the end is a reward of eating together, and having a good meal,” said Lewis.

John Willis is a mentor for teens, and a father of 10 kids. He says, this is the time for kids to really excel.

“Get a chance to get some extra studying in. Get a chance if you are an athlete, student athlete, to self-improve. Work out, get in your back yard, or get in your basement. If you did a hundred push ups yesterday do a hundred and ten tomorrow. Get a chance to work on some things to improve yourself,” said Willis.

Lewis says that kids follow our leads, so it’s vital to keep communicating.

“What we need right now is emotional support. We need to know that we are loved. We need to be connected just as humans, but with your kids that’s more important than anything,” said Lewis.

Experts also say part of that connection is putting down the phone, and keeping to consistent schedule.

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