Parolee says living conditions at trailer park are worse than a cell


Beds bugs, holes in the floors and ceilings, water leaks, unbearable temperatures.

Those are just a few problems that one parolee says she faced at a trailer park that the Michigan Department of Corrections placed her in after she got out from behind bars.

The parolee was originally behind bars for drug charges, but says she would rather go back to her cell than stay at the Rotunda Trailer Park.

“I was bitten by fleas, after I was there for about 4 days. I started cleaning and cooking the kitchen. I noticed little brown bugs scurrying across the counter and floor. I could not sleep in my bedroom, because their was a hole in the floor.”

While she did not want to be there, she says she did not have much of a choice.

“I was taken there by my PO (parole officer) from Clinton County and I was dropped off. I looked at her and she said ‘This is it, this is what we have for you.'”

She wants to stay anonymous due to the severity of this situation.

She says she was only at the trailer park for a week, but says it was a week too long.

“Taxpayer money was paying for me to live in these deplorable conditions. I did call MDOC re-entry program and left my name and number, explaining my situation and no one returned my call,” she said.

The program ‘Offender Success’ is one of the Michigan Department of Corrections programs that helps people coming out of prison, get back on their feet and set them up for success.

But the parolee says the opposite.

“This is set up for failure there is no way possible that people in adverse situations like this can succeed.”

The Department of Corrections says it wants all their parolees to succeed, but sometimes they don’t have the resources.

“These are the only two beds we have in Clinton County available,” said department spokeman Chris Gautz. “If somebody doesn’t have a place to live that we can pay for right now. The cost of living..there is no affordable housing that we were able to find to place parolees in.”

After we showed officials the conditions of Rotunda Trailer Park, they moved the other parolee living there out of the park.

They say they do not plan on putting people there in the future.

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