LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The combative governor of Florida is embroiled in a turf war with the state’s largest employer, and as a result, the next time you visit Disney World in Orlando may cost you more money

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was preaching his conservative Republican gospel in Hillsdale Thursday night.  He began with this:

“When I want to visit, Michiganders in early April, I just go to Naples.”

He could have said Disney World, but he didn’t maybe because he’s embroiled in a nasty turf battle with the entertainment giant, which he thinks has too much power to do what it wants to do regardless of what the governor might want.

“You had a corporation basically running a 40 square mile of territory right in the heart of Florida,” DeSantis said.

Push came to shove when the governor objected to Disney opposing some of his conservative legislation, and he objected to them advocating for gay rights. So he abolished the board that ran the park.

“Under no circumstances should the state of Florida be subsidizing ‘woke’ activism by allowing them to have their own government. So we took it away,” said DeSantis.

But Disney officials figured out a way to go around the governor to preserve their power.

The disgruntled governor predicts his GOP legislature will take that power away again, and this is where you come regarding your next visit, which could be more expensive.

He may slap higher taxes on Disney.

“We’re going to look at things like taxes on hotels, we’ll look at things like tolls on the roads and we’ll look at developing some of their property,” DeSantis said.

“They are not superior to the people of Florida, so come hell or high water we’re going to win on every single issue. I can tell you that.”

Now we just have to see how Mickey Mouse responds.