Michigan’s Mann Best Goaltender in the Big Ten Conference


With 987 saves and a .939 saves percentage Strauss Mann is the Goaltender of the Year in the Big Ten Conference. When asking about his achievement, the sophomore stated he doesn’t look at the numbers.

“I try not to think about stats too much and all that stuff I’m just trying to go out there and give my team a chance to win every night,” said Mann. “I think that’s kinda the attitude whether a goalie or a player that gives you that consistency and allows you to maybe get those recognition at the end of the year cause focusing on the day at hand and how to get better each and every day is kinda the thing that allows you to get there.”

Michigan Assistant Coach, Kris Mayotte, hasn’t coached a single player who’s impressed him more than Mann.

“He’s the best college student athlete I’ve seen,” said Mayotte. “I mean that in an all encompassing way. He’s a 3.9 student at Ross Business School he’s the best player on our team he’s so well prepared he’s so well thought out. My job is to know his game really well so that when I know he would have concerns about something, I can bring it up to him and then he comes up with the plan.”

Mann is proud of his accomplishment but knows it couldn’t have been possible without the people who helped him along the way.

“Feels good but not anything you play the game for or anything like that but it’s also great to see that awards like this really bring out the coaches and the people in the past that helped you and give them a sense of pride in helping you along the way and I think that’s what’s really valuable about it, is just kinda getting to share some of the memories and thank them for their help along the way cause it definitely takes a village,” said Mann.

Mann is currently watching game film from last season and working out at his parent’s house in Connecticut.

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