Michigan’s marijuana industry: what to know


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As the rules surrounding buying and selling marijuana in Michigan are still developing, multiple groups gathered together today in Lansing to ask questions and address the confusion.

“Pain I have, I get rid of it, I mean you know, it takes the pain away,” said Lansing resident Matthew Jackson.

Jackson says smoking marijuana has changed his life.

“It’s been nothing but peace and I’m happy smoking marijuana, I do it every day, it keeps me calm, it keeps me out of trouble,” said Jackson.

Jackson, along with others in the community, attended a focus group today in hopes of learning the rights and wrongs behind the drug.

Amanda Darche, a health communications specialist with the Ingham County Health Department, says it’s important that people remember driving while under the influence is still illegal, even if the drug is not.

She also says safe storage will help keep people safe.

“It’s really important for people who use marijuana to keep their marijuana locked up so that children and pets don’t get to it,” said Darche.

In regard to recreational marijuana licensing, the state will start taking applications from businesses that want to sell it beginning this fall.

Andrew Brisbo, the executive director of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, says these businesses must be ready to fully operate 90 days after they turn in their application.

“In many cases in what we found on the medical side is that facilities aren’t constructed and ready to be operational at the time of application, but in this case we’ll be forced to deny them if they are not ready to be inspected, ready for licensure within that 90 day time frame,” said Brisbo.

For anyone who has questions, he urges them to reach out.

“We want to provide education and outreach to anyone that’s interested in understanding what we’re doing at the state level,” said Brisbo.

For more information, visit LARA’s website.

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