LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It seems that everyone is in need of employees and companies are holding several job fairs in hopes of hiring new workers.

The Federal Reserve reports that there are at least 3.5 million job openings nationwide.

Many business leaders said it’s hard work finding good help.

“Finding qualified healthcare workers that want to make an impact every day is our everyday challenge,” said Vice President of human resources for Dobe Road Maria Rosa.

Dobie Road runs several assisted living facilities. Rosa says it’s nearly impossible to find nursing help.

“The shortage has really impacted the resident’s lives and what I mean by that is making sure they’re able to provide superior care and we don’t want to lower that quality of care,” said Rosa.

Rosa says their nurses are burnt out.

But it’s not just healthcare. Many job fields were represented including police, firefighters, bus drivers and more.

Even officials with Lansing’s oldest metal recycling plant were on hand looking for workers. It’s the first time in more than 100 years they’ve taken part in a job fair.

“The turnover rate has kind of been hurting us. We are really trying to stay competitive we have offered a few new initiatives to the guys just to try to get people to stick and want to work for us,” said Josh Stewart with Friedland Industries

Two different types of businesses with similar problems. They both agree what’s the main cause of the problem.

“I think that covid really impacted the whole industry. It prompted individuals that were near retirement to retire,” said Rosa.

“Kind of since COVID, it’s been real hard to get people like Josh said the turnover rate is competitive,” said Laramie Vogt with Friedland.

CATA and EATRAN were also hosting their own job fair looking to fill many of their bus driver positions. Organizers with CATA say they were looking to fill more than a 100 positions in total.