Mid-Michigan gets pelted with hail storm


CHARLOTTE, DIMONDALE, Mich. (WLNS) – Mid-Michigan got hit with a hail storm tonight and 6 News took a trip to the hardest hit areas.

People in Lansing, Dimondale, and Charlotte all say the hail pelted their homes tonight, and even in some situations damaged them.

But all agree that even though some homes might have been hit, they’re glad everyone inside stayed safe.

“It actually started with some very intense winds and then very heavy downpour and then we had a break with that for about a minute, then we got nickel to quarter-sized hail,” said Matthew VanElls, whose Dimondale home got hit with hail tonight.

VanElls says the hail covered his entire lawn.

“It was really intense and the wind was really strong and then you could just hear the hail falling,” said VanElls.
“We were sitting here watching the news and then all of a sudden it just hit and it started off as small hail, and then it got bigger and bigger,” said April Morris.
Morris lives in Charlotte and the hail storm tonight put holes in the side of her home.

“Broke my siding and different stuff,” said Morris.
She’s says she’s lived in Charlotte her whole life and has never seen anything like it.

The experience was different for each of them.

“It was a cool experience, there was no damage reported around here though,” said VanElls.
“I was more worried about the hail going through my skylight, or the windows, and keeping the children safe during this,” said Morris.

But that’s what they’re both thankful for: that everyone is safe.

“It was here and gone by the blink of an eye,” said Morris.

If you’ve experienced any damage to your home tonight, let us know about it. Just send us an email to newstips@wlns.com.

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