LANSING, Mich (WLNS) September 21 is International Day of Peace which is also known as World Peace Day. To celebrate, two high schools in Mid-Michigan are coming together to help create a symbolic message.

Waverly and Ovid-Elsie High School students that are in the Peace Quest program will gather in the evening to create peace poles; all in an effort to bring cultural awareness and spread the message of world peace.

This event will be from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Waverly High School in Lansing, with a pre-register requirement. Students will gather and create their own peace poles, which were handcrafted by Ovid-Elsie High Schools wood workshop classes.

The Peace Quest program meets every year and allows students at Waverly High School and Ovid-Elsie High School to swap places for the day and engage in cross-cultural experiences.

Officials who coordinate this experience say Ovid-Elsie high can be described as rural with little diversity, while Waverly High School is seen as one of the most diverse schools in the state.

When gathering, they learn about each other’s lives and backgrounds, which includes foreign exchange students. Allowing students to expand their minds, build bridges and understand outside cultures.

This year the program teamed up with the Greater Lansing United Nations Association that helped created the idea of peace poles, which are meant to spark up a conversation about peace when seen.

“Let’s break down the fear, let’s break down stereotypes and just start to understand and love each other. I really think that’s what this whole peace pole is all about,” said organizer Julie Keck from Ovid-Elsie High School.

Those looking to sign up for the event can click the following link: Peace Quest Flyer[24629].pdf