DIMONDALE, Mich. (WLNS) — Some people in mid-Michigan will go to bed entering their fifth night with power Monday, and it’s all after spending hours in the yard, cleaning up downed branches and toppled trees.

“We’ve been out here Friday, Saturday, Sunday, like, 10 hours a day,” said Kathy Adams, who lives in Dimondale.

Officials said some of the worst-hit areas include Grand Ledge, Williamston, Webberville and Dimondale.

Adams said baby steps are the key to the cleanup.

“My husband and I are just taking it day-by-day and section-by-section,” she said.

Damage sustained by a tree in Dimondale.

The family is one of many who are still without power; however, they’re still able to use electricity sparingly.

“Luckily, we have a generator, so we can run that, and that runs what we basically need,” she said. “Just the basics.”

Many have become frustrated with Consumers’ inaccurate estimates on when the power will be restored, so much that the company put out an apology.

“The estimated times of restoration are based on the crewing that we have in the area, the damage that we know of, and the history we typically have in restoring power in that circumstance,” said Greg Salisbury, Vice President of Electric Distribution Engineering.

But Salisbury added that the power shouldn’t be out for too much longer.

“Our new longest estimated time of restoration would be this evening, and we’re on pace to meet that. There are some hard-hit areas where there’s more than one crew per quarter of a mile,” he said.

Adams said her family will be ready.

“They’re working hard and doing the best they can, and we’re just waiting patiently…hoping that it will be on tonight,” Adams said.