Mid-Michigan sees declining numbers of arriving refugees


The number of refugees allowed in the United States is declining, and now number s of arriving refugee families in Mid-Michigan falling.

In 2016 the number of refugees able to enter the U.S. was over 100,000. The number for 2019 is going to only allow 30,000. This dramatic cut is the result of the low amount of local refugees and the lack of families being reunited, which isn’t fair.

“Can you even imagine being a momma, and bring two or three of your kids but you have others waiting, and they, they have to wait longer and that’s, it’s heartbreaking and it’s not fair,” said Director of the Refugee Development Center, Erika Brown-Binion.

Even the stress of being without their families can be seen in the classroom. One teacher says she sees it all the times.

“They’re sitting in English class and they’re working really hard and they’re making growth but they’re doing it with an unnecessary pressure, with unfair rules and regulations placed on them and their families when they have been victims all along,” said Senior School Liaison at the Refugee Development Center.

The lessening number of refugees is obvious, but some say it’s not just the low numbers they see, but also the small amount of religions.

The decreasing numbers of refugees is obvious, but some people say religion is also a strong noticeable trend.

“These days, we are seeing a lot more people coming from Congo, and Burma and Afghanistan, and a lot fewer people coming from Somalia, and Sudan and the Middle East.,” said Director of Refugee Services at the St. Vincent Catholic Charities, Judi Harris.

Harris isn’t the only one who noticed the trend too, but also Brown-Binion noticed it too.

“Looking at religion, while they won’t say that, they’re thinking about bringing in folks that fit more of a Christian background and that’s what we’ve seen as well,” said Brown-Binion.

Advocates are hopeful that the trend won’t last forever and changes will be coming soon.

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