LOCKE TWP, Mich. (WLNS) – Locke Township leaders and residents are looking for answers after a township meeting was filled with residents concerned about recent land development.

Family-owned farms line the fields along M-52, and one man who lives on one of those farms said speculation surrounding a possible landfill project has him worried about the future of his land.

“I’m really concerned by the local community, myself, the farming agricultural, what it would do to our well water, our ecosystem and the local area and everything you know?” said farmer Skylar Jabs.

Jabs said he has traced the roots of his farm back a hundred years, with the first fields plowed in 1908, but land bought next door has him, and many other people around Locke Township worried.

Ingham County records show 11 parcels were bought by Grand Rapids-based M-52 Holdings LLC on August 1, 2021.

Jabs remembers after the land was sold, he got a call asking about his own property from an auction house.

“It was kind of an odd call to try and buy land and not tell me who or why or what or price or anything on that,” said Jabs.

The confusion adds to an already unclear future for the land he said was recently cleared of vacant buildings. This week, organizers said they packed the township hall to press leaders on speculation that the land was being re-zoned from agriculture to commercial use.

Kristin Babel is with a group of people that claims there’s a connection between the holding company and a local waste management company. She said neighbors have mentioned seeing people touring the property.

“She connected the name behind the LLC with a law firm that has worked with Granger in the past,” said Babel.

The township supervisor and trustees were not available for an interview, but one official said there has been no request submitted to rezone the land. They said leaders were unaware of the claims until Tuesday night but plan to look into the issue.

For Babel, she said the idea of a possible landfill leaves her concerned about the future.

“We all moved out here for a reason and that’s fresh air, wonderful country and we’re going to keep it that way,” said Babel.

6 News reached out to representatives of M-52 Holdings and the waste service company through phone calls, email and instant messages and we have yet to hear back.