Mid-Michigan vaccine sites expand: Sparrow accepting walk-ins, MSU taking all Michiganders


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Two of the largest mid-Michigan vaccination sites are expanding their sites in an effort to get as many Michiganders vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Sparrow Hospital’s Frandor location opened up for walk-ins last weekend while Michigan State University announced Saturday afternoon that it is opening its drive-thru site to accept all Michiganders, not just those who live or work in Ingham County.

People are already taking advantage of these options, too. Janelle Paksi, a St. Johns woman, wa sscheudled to get her second shot of the vaccine on Monday, but found out last Friday that Sparrow was taking walk-ins.

“It was perfect, very convenient,” Paksi said. “We just walked in … walked out.”

It inspired her to bring her daughter, Claudia, who is a junior at St. Johns High School. Claudia had an appointment scheduled for April 30th, but after not hanging out with friends for more than a year and with the goal of being fully vaccinated before prom, she jumped at the chance to get it early.

“(I’m) so glad,” Cynthia said. “A bunch of my friends, they want their shot but they can’t get an appointment, so I’ll definitely be telling them about the walk-ins.”

Sparrow now has walk-in appointments for anybody who is eligible — that’s all Michiganders 16-and-up. Officlas said there are nearly 5,000 open appointments for the rest of this week and getting a shot is now as easy as just asking for one.

“People walk in the door and there’s somebody here to greet them,” said Elizabeth Reust, the vaccination clinic manager. “If they tell us they don’t have an appointment, we schedule them an appointment at that time and then we register them and send them onto the vaccination line. It’s a very quick process, the whole thing from in the door to out the door should be less than a half hour.”

Just up the road in East Lansing, Michigan State University also expanded its drive thru clinic. officials say they now have additional resources that will help to go form vaccinating 1,600 people per day to as many as 4,000.

The rapid expansion of both sites are what many says is just one more sign of returning back to normal — and getting back something Claudia desperately wanted.

“Peace of mind,” she said. “For my safety.”

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