LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Whether you like to snow or hate it, there are some businesses that depend on it. With a mild winter, some companies are frozen in place.

This includes places like Hawk Island. And while their park is typically known for its warm, sandy beach and splash pad in the summertime, during the winter, people go there for their tubing hill. But this year’s weather has thrown a curve ball.

“It’s all temperature dependent, we make our own snow,” Ingham County Parks Deputy Director Brian Collins said. “We’re probably the only place in Mid-Michigan with snow right now.”

Instead of typical climates during this time of year like cold and snow, Mid-Michigan is seeing mild temperatures and rain.

“This is actually the latest we’ve opened in the last ten years. We started selling tickets starting January 9th sessions, thinking that was pretty conservative but you know, now looking at 50 degrees and rain some days, it really doesn’t allow us to do that,” Collins said.

Park officials aren’t too happy about these conditions.

“If I weren’t in the snow tubing business, then I might enjoy the higher temperatures, but for those that want to come out and use our hill, it has been difficult,” he added.

These feelings are also shared by snow removal companies.

“Honestly, we got one storm in 2022, one good storm, and now we’re in 2023, this is when the snow is supposed to start to hit,” Owner of ‘Real Deal Mowing and Landscaping’ Rodricus McDuffey said.

McDuffey said it’s been a bust for him this season, but some friends of his also in the businesses near Kalamazoo are a little luckier.

“I’ve actually even thought about calling him and talking to him about it, ‘What would you pay me to come out there and sub-contract my truck out when we don’t get any snow here,'” he explained. “I haven’t gone down to that part yet, but we’ll see where times go.”

Regardless, the small business owner said times are tough.

“Sometimes it’s like, do I want to continue to do this? Or you know, stick it out because I’ve worked so hard and built up my business to where it is now,” McDuffey said.

Hawk Island officials said they’re looking to open the hill as soon as they can, hopefully within the next week or so.