Ministry prepares for community Christmas feast


The Advent House Ministry is holding their annual Christmas breakfast event tomorrow for the less fortunate.

One thing that the ministry offers that makes it easier for the community to come together is transportation. Dean transportation has offered to provide three buses and a cab. There is also no limits to where the buses can go and will go to where ever they are requested. 

“You can be open, but people with transportation challenges, they can’t get here, so we have to be prepared for that. We don’t put geographical boundaries for us to help people,” said Community Services Director for the city of Lansing, Joan Jackson Johnson.

Joan Jackson Johnson has worked with the ministry for over thirty years, saying it’s close to her and her family.

On top of food and transportation, they also work to give gifts too, but not for just the kids.

“A lot of really poor parents never get anything, they’re too busy worrying about their kids, so we try to lift things a couple levels higher for Christmas, and it’s by the grace of God we’re able to do these things.”

Available places to get food is scarce around Christmas because most people think of Thanksgiving as the holiday to give food, which always makes the turnout fo the Advent House Ministry high. Last year they served over 1,500 people and expect to have close to the same turnout this year, and is excites the staff every year.

“Just everybody is happy you know, just bringing a smile to everyone’s face, that’s what it’s about. The kids and the adults, everyone is just always so happy,” said one worker at the ministry, Fernando Brown.

Doors open at 8 tomorrow morning and close at 5 and anyone is welcome to come. 

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