Missing WWII soldier’s remains returned to Lansing


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – After 78 years of being declared missing, the remains of a World War Two soldier made it home to Lansing today.

His name was Robert Parker, he was a First Lieutenant in the air force. Today, 6 News spoke to his niece who says she was 3 months old when he went missing.

She says her great uncle bobby was always talked about and today her family can now find peace.

“78 years is a long time to be missing in action but he is missing in action no more’ said Carolyn Fuqua.

She says her family has kept her uncle’s legacy alive for years.

“Aunt Polly and my Uncle Dick, and my mother all had boys whom they named Bobby, Robert,” she said.

“Everybody knew Bobby Parker even though we never knew him.”

In November 1943, Robert Parker went missing during a mission in New Guinea. He was flying an aircraft and in exchange of attacks with the Japanese, his plane crashed into another plane.

“[His father] grieved forever wondering what happened to his son, our grandmother grieved wondering what happened to her son. My mother and his siblings all wondered what happened to our brother and they all died not knowing.”

After years of searching his remains were never found until recently.

“We know what happened, we get to bury his remains. It’s a mixture of grief and happiness.”

Now their family has closure.

“A sense of peace, and relief, and love for our government that they didn’t stop looking for him.” The family will hold a funeral for parker on Monday. A rose will also be placed at the walls of the missing in the Philippines to show he has been accounted for.

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