LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A mom of four that was struggling to make her way through nursing school is now giving back to the program that helped her years ago. Back in 2017, Robyn Anthony was balancing nursing school, work, and family.

“Get home, help them with their homework, do my own homework. It was just so overwhelming,” she said. “Maybe towards the end of the second semester, I couldn’t work anymore. It just became too much.”

She said she struggled with money right before Christmas and decided to apply for Volunteers of America’s adopt a family program, and she was picked.

“The family that adopted me, she was a doctor and she had four kids as I did. And she said she totally understood it and my story reached out to her,” Anthony said.

She said the family helped put presents under the tree, brought in food, and spent Christmas with her.
Ever since then, Anthony graduated with her degree and was ready to give back. Looking through applications, she picked a family with a story that sounded familiar.

“She’s a single mom. She has four kids, the same as me. She has three girls and one boy, the same as me,” Anthony said.

Laura LeBlanc with volunteers of America Michigan said Anthony is just one of the people who have been on both sides of the program.

“I have seen countless families who have been served by the program and once they get back on their feet, always coming back to return the love by adopting a family in need and kind of paying it forward,” said the vice president of development and communications.

As for Anthony, she said she’s thankful for getting that help, so now she can give it.

“Everybody needs help, you know sometimes you’re in the position to need the help, sometimes you’re in the position to actually, you know, give help,” Anthony said.