LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A mother is desperately searching for her son who’s been missing for more than a week. He’s a rapper who grew up in Lansing and hasn’t been seen since he headed to Detroit for a show.

There have been dozens of posts all over Facebook about the well-known rapper from Lansing Marley Whoop.

His real name is Armani Kelly. He left his home in Oscoda County on Saturday January 21st and hasn’t been seen since.

Lorrie Kemp, his mother, calls it her worst nightmare.

“I’m not trying to be pessimistic. I’m trying to be optimistic,” said Kemp. “But he’s gone, he’s dead, I just want his body.”

When he arrived in Detroit, Armani called his mom to tell her he made it safely. That was the last time she heard from him.

“I’ve been listening more and more to all that music. And it breaks my heart because there are subliminal messages in it. That my momma worked hard. And that we lived off Turner and Fairfield. I mean he grew up here. This is our home town,” continued Kemp.

Kemp and Armani’s fiancee, Taylor Perrin, passed out flyers in Lansing. They’re praying for a miracle.

“Something is just keeping my hope alive. I’m not gonna believe it until I see it. I won’t. I’m supposed to marry this man, and I won’t let him go until he’s gone,” said Perrin.

Detroit police held a press conference saying that Kelly was with two other men when all three of them went missing.

“We will leverage all of our technology assets. We’ve got license plate readers, we’ve got green light cameras, and I’m confident that using those tools, will help us,” said Commander Michael McGinnis.

Now, Melvindale Police, Oscoda Police, Warren Police, and Detroit Police are involved in the investigation.

Kemp says not knowing what happened is something she can ever explain.

“I’m off my rocker. I don’t know what to do. All I want for them to do is give me his body, so we can lay him to rest,” said Kemp.

The families of the other two missing men have also filed missing persons reports.

Armani’s mother says he was last seen wearing black pants, a black shirt, red Nike Air Force Ones, and a red bandana with a Carhartt jacket.