Money Monday: Join The 30-Day Money Challenge

(WLNS) – It is a new year, and you have new goals so why not make the most of 2018 by kicking off the start of the New Year with a Challenge – a Money Challenge? We spend much time earning and worrying about our money but how much time have you spent recently – if ever – learning how to make your money work for you? Most of us never learn how to manage our money and therefore do a pretty lousy job at it. Nearly 70% of us do not have enough money saved to cover just a $1,000 emergency, like a car repair or medical cost.

Which is why we have designed this Challenge for you – and starting today, we will deliver a new money challenge to you every day, for the next 30 days so that you may take control over your finances. Most of the tasks in this challenge will take less than 30 minutes to complete, but each task will empower you to build better money habits and become a better money manager.

This challenge is designed for anyone who wants to reset their money habits and get organized with their money. Surely, some money topics require more in-depth discussion and don’t fit within the 30 Day Money Challenge, like mortgages, investing, and student loan debt, but we hope that this challenge will empower you to take charge and make lasting changes from each challenge presented.

The time for change is now. By the end of the challenge, we hope that you will have built new money habits that will help you along your journey towards financial wellness. Think about where you may be this time next month, or in six months, or a year from now! The challenge is free, but the tools and resources delivered throughout the challenge are life-changing.

Don’t wait another minute to begin your journey towards financial wellness. Join the 30 Day Money Challenge today.

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