AUSTIN, Texas. (WLNS) – With the hum of a robotic printer, a groundbreaking approach to homebuilding is underway just outside of Austin, Texas.

Homebuilder Lennar is collaborating with construction technology company Icons to build a community of 100 3D-printed homes. A robot prints the full wall system of the home using layers of concrete

“From the foundation to interior and external walls you’re looking at about 5-7 weeks,” said Dmitri Julius with Icons.

Builders nationwide are starting to utilize 3D printing, which is typically faster and cheaper than traditional construction.

And not just for full-size homes.

In Southern California, the company Azure Printed Homes is producing shed-size dwelling units that can go in the backyard.

The 3D-printed structures run anywhere from about 200-900 square feet and are made from recycled materials.

Ross Maguire is the company’s CEO. He says printing, delivery, and installation can take around two weeks.

By saving time, money, and materials, companies could change the way homes are built for years to come.