WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) — Families across the country are putting the finishing touches on their Thanksgiving menus as food costs skyrocket.

In addition to groceries for Turkey Day, volunteers are including prepaid debit cards so households can spend the money on whatever they need.

Experts say inflation, global food challenges, and supply chain issues mean you’ll likely spend an average of $64 to feed 10 people for Thanksgiving dinner.

That’s up $11 from what it cost last year and nearly $20 from two years ago.

Seniors are among those at the highest risk of going without a meal on Thanksgiving Day.

Transportation challenges and the lag in social security benefits mean they could be suffering in silence.

Trazy Collins is on a team that runs Bread for the City, Washington D.C.’s largest food bank that helps food-insecure families year-round.

“This is kind of like our Super Bowl. We build up to this. This is our biggest event,” said Collins.

Volunteers at Bread for the City say their clients come from every corner of the nation’s capital.

Despite the growing need, those donating their time, money and resources say they’re thankful to dish out as much as possible to help ease the burden of feeding families this holiday season.