LOS ANGELES, Ca. (WLNS) — Inflation has millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet and many are looking for help.

Now, food banks and pantries are seeing a big jump in demand.

The long line at a recent food distribution event outside of Los Angles is a familiar site.

Across the country, charities say there is a rise in the number of people needing help.

Diane Martinez says she attended the event because inflation has priced her out.

“The prices of food are so high and they’re going up higher every day,” Martinez said.

Food banks saw a big jump in demand during the pandemic, but were hoping for a change this year.

“For 2022, we were expecting things to really start sliding down in terms of the demand for food assistance. But really with the inflation hit, we saw another upsurge,” said Michael Flood, CEO of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

In June, prices at the grocery store rose more than 12%. The largest one-year increase since 1979.

In one Chicago neighborhood, it’s not just high prices that are a problem. There’s also a lack of affordable grocery stores in the area. That’s why 250 people showed up to just one pop-up food pantry event.

“What we’re hearing from people and families is they’re making these decisions between filling their gas tank to get to work, paying the rent, paying utilities, other basic expenses, and meeting their food costs,” Flood said.

Higher costs and an influx of people to feed have many charities struggling. Food banks everywhere are looking for more donations so they can continue to help everyone in need.