As prices continue to rise on grocery store shelves, some shoppers are turning to different strategies to save some cash on their grocery runs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for groceries have climbed by double-digit percentages since December 2021.

Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert says overall inflation is up 7.1%, while food prices, in general, are up 12%.

“The biggest price increase is anything that has to do with animals. That’s eggs, butter, beef.” said Lempert.

Lempert attributed the price increases to factors like environment, transportation and labor.

“In 2020, a dozen eggs on average was $1.51,” continued Lempert. “Today, it’s over $3.50 and that’s just regular eggs. It’s not organic or cage-free. Those are even more expensive.”

Despite the increase, there are some ways to save.

While printed coupons and flyers are on their way out, stores have apps to let you score some deals.

“You want to have your phone with you while you’re in the store because they’re uploading special coupons all the time,” said Lempert.

Download the store’s app and check the shelves, since sale items are clearly marked.