PITTSBURGH, PA (WLNS) – An hour outside of Pittsburgh, the Jones Turkey Farm has been in the family for three generations.

But Dave Jones has never been challenged like this.

From the feed to the fertilizer, the cost to run the farm has gone up – which means the cost for customers has too.

This is happening as farmers battle one of the worst outbreaks of avian flu, which has wiped out at least 6 million turkeys, hiking prices even further.

Household items used to make some Thanksgiving staples are also gobbling up more money.

The price of eggs is up 43%. Butter, nearly 27%, And flour, about 25%.

Emily Weinstein is the food and cooking editor of the New York Times. Her tips on curbing costs start with the centerpiece itself, the turkey.

“Just buy exactly the size turkey you need. Don’t buy a giant one and wait for leftovers,” said Weinstein.

She says to highlight vegetable sides over meat and use frozen instead of fresh ones.

“If you’ve ever considered doing a Thanksgiving potluck, this is the year to do it. Ask your loved ones to bring dishes. Everyone will be happy to be involved,” said Weinstein.