LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s been a mild winter for many Americans.

But you wouldn’t know it from your energy bills because of supply shortages.

Natural gas is estimated to be up almost 29% from the last fiscal year, heating oil about 27% and electricity more than 10%.

Bob Zsunkan and his wife Alison recently retired, but as their energy bills have spiked the Connecticut couple has had to re-budget their spending and 401k.

They also called Chris Villanueva, a house technician who audits energy use.

He says air escaping through a window and door cracks alone can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a year.

Plugging leaky windows and doors and even interior door frames can prevent heating systems from running excessively.

Villanueva also recommends setting the thermostat between 65-68 degrees, switching to led lightbulbs and improving insulation.

But some other energy-draining culprits may not be as obvious known as energy vampires, they could account for up to 20% of your electric bill.

Around 75% of appliance energy use comes from when they’re off.

Instead, use a timer or power strips you can easily unplug and when shopping for new appliances, look for the energy star certification. These items typically consume less wattage which means more savings over the long run.