Is it too early to think about holiday shopping?

Not for everyone. Some Americans have already started, getting a head start on a shopping season impacted by inflation.

Michael George from CBS is here for you with the details for this week’s Money Monday.

It’s still T-Shirt weather but the Christmas Cottage is open for business in Manhattan, giving shoppers a jump on the holidays.

And they are not alone. A survey from Bankrate finds 12% of Americans are buying gifts this month and another 12% already started in August.

Shopping early does have benefits, according to Bankrate’s Ted Rossman.

“In terms of spreading out your cash flow, giving you more time to research the best deals,” Rossman said.

But most Americans plan to wait until October or later.

About one in four people plan to do most of their shopping in stores. But the majority are doing the bulk of their buying online and will be searching for deals.

“Major retailers like Amazon and Target and Walmart. They often roll out Black Friday type pricing in early-October,” Rossman said.

And 33% expect inflation to influence their shopping. 23% anticipate a strain on their budget and 13% feel pressure to spend more than they’re comfortable with.

Many plan to stick to a budget and be frugal.

Another tip: avoid carrying a balance on credit cards because right now interest rates are over 20%.