LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Credit cards are a common way that people get by during times when money is tight.

However, when life gets back on track, it’s really important to get your debt down before it spirals out of control. WLNS is here for you with some tips on how to keep a handle on your debt.

Number one: Pay more than the minimum amount due.

If you don’t, the interest rate will get you and it’ll take years to see that balance go down.

Number two: Pay more than once a month.

If you can, pay off the most expensive loan first.

Three: Keep a budget and be consistent paying bills before the due date to eliminate late charges.

Not only are late charges problematic because they’ll raise the balance of your credit card debt, but also credit card companies have the option of raising your interest rate as well.

Number four: Shorten the length of your loan if possible.

Number five: Consolidate debt in order to lower your interest rate and achieve fewer monthly payments.

Number six: Take on a side job, earn a little bit of extra cash.

Lastly, when times are good, start an emergency savings account or savings plan so that you don’t have to rely on credit cards.