There’s a push across the country for high school students to get educated about their personal finances at a New York school.

“It’s a 12-chapter course that covers everything from budgeting, taxes, crypto, NFT, identity theft, student loans” said teacher Quincy Luzunaris.

Senior Asia Perez already took the course.

“The class helps students to make better financial decisions in their life,” she said.

Right now – it’s estimated that less than a quarter of American high school students have access to education on financial literacy.

“These students are graduating without the tools they need to succeed, especially in our urban communities,” said Luzunaris.

Luzunaris says only 15 states mandate financial education before graduation.

It’s expanding this year to 100 schools and now includes the complimentary use of the app Busykid, which allows kids to get paid by their parents to do chores. They learn to manage money and even buy real stocks.

“When you have that skin in the game when you have that money in, you pay attention to things much differently,” said Busykid CEO Gregg Murset.

Luzunaris says parents can help by teaching kids how to access their credit report, knowing the difference between debit and credit cards and understanding student loans.