Sarah Curtis has a job you may have never heard of. She’s a full-stack developer.

“A full stack developer is a developer who works on all layers of software,” said Curtis.

It also means she can work on all aspects of a website or application.

Companies everywhere need these skills and full stack developer is number one on the employment site Indeed’s list of best jobs. With rankings based on salary, availability and flexibility.

“It has a very handsome salary, and just over half of the roles can be done remotely and in a flexible work environment,” said Scott Dobroski, Indeed’s Career Trends Expert.

Dobroski says at number two is a data engineer, with a mean salary of $135,000 a year.

Number three is cloud engineer, which offers competitive pay and flexibility.

In fact, most of the positions in the top 10 are computer related.

“So what this continues to show is that virtually every company today is a technology company. Every single company today does have some online presence to power their business,” said Dobroski.

It also shows jobs evolving with the changing times.

“I found it very interesting that you don’t see a job like physician or lawyer on this year’s list. Those used to be two jobs years ago that a lot of people would go for,” said Dobroski.

Sarah began pursuing her career after taking a computer science class in college.

“You can build something that will be used potentially by millions of people all over the world. So solving problems at that scale is really challenging, but also really interesting,” she said.

She’s finding job satisfaction holding skills in high demand – as companies increasingly rely on technology to conduct business.