What was once a cheap, breakfast staple in almost every kitchen has somehow become a luxury item.

Even as inflation is cooling, the cost of eggs keeps rising.

Last January, the average price for a dozen eggs was under $2 dollars. But by December, it had more than doubled to over $4

Even groceries are feeling the pinch.

The main reason for the skyrocketing price is the deadliest outbreak of avian flu in U.S. history.

Tens of millions of birds have died or been slaughtered.

Egg industry research scientist Maro Ibarburu says high demand around the holidays also raised prices.

“What needs to happen is to recover from the avian influenza and to prevent new cases from, you know, of avian influenza in the farms,” said Ibarburu.

Experts said it could take a few months for new chickens to be raised to replace those lost. Even bakeries are struggling to find enough eggs.

Eggs are not the only food item seeing rising prices.

Beef, chicken and poultry prices rose 4% in a year due to inflation and higher production cost, and butter is costing Americans 31% percent more.