More abandoned Jackson houses to be demolished under federal program


JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – Sometimes you have to tear something down to build it back up.

For the City of Jackson that means continuing to demolish properties that have turned into blight.

It costs about $15,000 per building but the goal is to raise home values of the areas nearby.

With another round of unsafe houses to live in due to be demolished, the people who surround these pieces of run down property are glad to see them go.

Jackson resident Willette Konieczki said, “it’s nice to see an empty lot instead of two houses that are kind of run down. So yeah, I’d rather see an empty lot then houses that aren’t being taken care of.”

“With abandoned houses you got addicts going in there using or people using it for trap houses and selling drugs out of it. So, it’s good to see these houses torn down and not up,” said Jackson resident Jayvon Ganaway.

It’s been a five year program that has seen hundreds of abandoned houses taken down in the area. Getting rid of these eyesores should help the city in a number of ways.

City of Jackson Public Information Officer Will Forgrave said, “it’s safe to say because of this demolition program we can fix more streets, get more police on the streets and provide those services that people want and do so for many years to come.”

Meaning the value of the city rises when abandoned house turns into a grass field.

“Once we get everything leveled out and stabilized and home prices up and dilapidated homes out there will be less homes to be demolished. That’s the ultimate goal,” said Forgrave.

The city of Jackson plans to reapply for these funds in August.

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