LANSING, MIch (WLNS) – Clasina Syrovy, a victim of abuse by Larry Nassar, told the court “I am still ashamed this happened to me.”

In rare form, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina is allowing dozens of women and girls who were abused by Larry Nassar to start their healing process.

As we head into the second week of his sentencing hearings Marta Stern describes her assaults. “You would digitally penetrate me until I was sore and raw.’

Today is Day 5 and Valerie Webb addressed Nassar directly, “Larry, you brought me close to you so that you could manipulate me for your own good. You made me feel like you were a good person and that you were here to help me but you only did it to help yourself.”

Each day the list of victims wanting to make statements continues to get longer.

Women are feeling empowered to talk about the abuse in front of their abuser.

Emma Ann Miller told Nassar, “You need to confess the can help others..and if you do..if you help my sisters.. it might help with your forgiveness.”

And not only is the judge listening to each of their stories…

“We were all so young,” said Bailey Lorencen.

But she’s offering some words of advice along the way.

“You are part of protecting all of our children your voice may have cracked but your spirit is whole and you are not cracked,” said the judge. “Your words echo around the world and you’re not just protecting your children but all of your children. You are helping the defendant face his reality.”

By the time Larry Nassar learns his fate the court will have heard from more than 140 women, a number that could get bigger by Tuesday.