More than 300 people now reported to be affected by illness outbreak at Kellogg Center


(WLNS) – The Ingham County Health Department is now reporting close to 300 people were affected by the illness outbreak at the Kellogg Center last week.

Linda Vail with the Ingham County Health Department told 6 News they also have multiple people reporting of secondary cases of the illness, from family members who have been around people originally affected at MSU’s hotel and conference center.

“That eliminates some of what you would refer to as causative agents, there are some that are known to have secondary transmissions, others, not so much,” Vail said.

Although that information does help to narrow down the cause of the outbreak, Ingham County Health Department is waiting on lab results to get concrete answers, and even then it is hard to find one causation of such a broad outbreak.

“Whether or not we can ever pinpoint the exact original source of how that happened, I don’t know,” Vail said.

The Kellogg Center has worked to deep clean all public areas, throw out any food used those days when illnesses were reported, and were understanding with guests who were tentative about staying at the hotel, after hearing news of the outbreak.

“Any of our future guests that expressed concern, we did allow them to cancel without penalty,” Kellogg Center General Manager Rebecca Selesky said.

The outbreak not only negatively affected the people who had the illness, but the business at Kellogg as well.

“We did lose two groups over the course of the few days we were closed,” Selesky said.

The Kellogg Center is working closely with the Ingham County Health Department to find out the cause of the outbreak and to prevent it from happening again.

Vail says she expects results back from the lab in the next couple of days to get the answer to what illness these hundreds of people had this past week.

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