LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Diamondback and Brotherhood Motorcycle Clubs created a holiday food drive last year after seeing the need in their community.

“It can be a time that families are under the utmost stress, trying to see how they’re going to have a Thanksgiving dinner for their family,” said Jeff Lutz, secretary of the Diamondback Motorcycle Club. “How they’re going to make Christmas happen. To be able to give this during the holiday season is just a huge blessing.”

Brotherhood Motorcycle Club was one of the original motorcycle clubs to start the holiday food drive. (Photo/WLNS)

What started as a conversation between the two clubs has now grown to more than 26 clubs and seven businesses supporting the cause. “It’s really nice to see all the clubs in Lansing come together. You know, that’s the big thing,” said Jim Kuerbitz, president of Brotherhood Motorcycle Club Lansing. “It’s not just Lansing; it’s tri-county. I mean, we’ve got people coming from all over the place. As far away as Breckenridge. I think we’ve got some people coming from Detroit.”

The groups said all the food collected will go to food banks in the area, like Helping Hands Food Pantry in Charlotte. Last year, the two drives collected more than 6,000 pounds of food. This came at a very important time, as Helping Hands said it just doesn’t have enough money for food.

“The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we wouldn’t have opened without the food they brought,” said Amanda Thompson, executive director of Helping Hands Food Pantry in Charlotte.

Twenty-six motorcycle clubs came together for a holiday food drive. (Image/Biker’s Food Drive & Charities)

To get involved, all you have to do is drop off your nonperishable foods and personal care items by Nov. 13 at one of these 26 locations. Then, the motorcycle clubs will be back at it again for their Christmas food drive.

  • Diamondbacks MC
  • Brotherhood MC
  • Blue Angels MC
  • Survivors MC
  • Just A Few MC
  • Loyal Riders MC (Lansing)
  • Wild Injuns MC
  • Phantoms MC
  • Union Iron Workers MC
  • Tribe of EL Elyon M/M
  • Guilty Girlz RC
  • Southside Heaven Memorial Club
  • Distinguished Elegance SC
  • 508 Fab, machine & v-twin Perf
  • Davis Auto Mart (Charlotte)
  • Shirley’s Chuckwagon (Nashville)
  • Shane’s Automotive Service
  • Farmer’s Tavern (Mulliken)
  • Continental Home Center
  • Lucky’s Tattoos (Lansing)
  • Riding with Brendan
  • Michigan Biker Law
  • Jackson Hewitt (N. Larch, Lansing)
  • Two J’s (Nashville)
  • Maple Leaf Inn (Vermontville)
  • BAD Brewing Co. (Mason)
(Image/Biker’s Food drive)