Mounting public relations issues drowning Governor Snyder


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – New details seem to emerge every day in Flint.  People are asking what did the Governor know and when did he know it? Is there a public relations crisis in the Snyder administration?

Yesterday, it was revealed that former Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Communications Director Brad Wurfel became aware of a potential connection between Legionnaire’s disease and Flint water back in March of last year.

President and CEO of Vanguard Public Affairs T.J. Bucholz said, “the intrinsic problem with this crisis in Flint for the administration, is that unless you’re willing to be absolutely forthright and share everything that’s going on, it’s really death by a thousand cuts.  New e-mails trickle out everyday.”

E-mails came out yesterday describing the health impact people were getting living in Flint.  Negative public perception of Governor Snyder’s handle of Flint’s crisis affects the whole state.

“The tens of millions of dollars Michigan has put into advertising itself as a, you know a destination as a place to do business.  The question about lead in Flint couple with what’s going on in the Detroit public schools and sort of other issues we have from an infrastructure perspective in Michigan makes it challenging for a new business to want to relocate here,” continued Bucholz.

After yesterday’s e-mails were released Governor Snyder finds himself in the spotlight again.  The question is, what can he do to not have this from happening again?

Progress Michigan Deputy Communications Director Sam Inglot said, “the Snyder administration needs to do is basically come clean with everything that they know and all the information that they have related to the Flint water crisis.  Not only after the April switch in 2014 but all the decision making that went into the process before hand as well.”

Bucholz warns this is larger than a public relations problem because the public needs to trust them again.

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