With St. Patrick’s Day less than 24 hours away, many of us are thinking about what we can serve to make it special.

And although there is no shortage of Irish fare to choose from, one dish that seems to be a must have for us here in the States is good old corned beef and cabbage. And the way we’re making it today is super fast.

We start out by placing a 3-4 pound raw corned beef in a pressure cooker along with a few cups of water and letting it cook for about an hour. Yup, now’s the time to dig out that old stovetop one that you haven’t used in a while, or if you have one of the newer electric ones, all the better.

After it’s tender, we take it out and toss in some cabbage, potatoes, and carrots … and pressure cook it for only 4 more minutes. The nice thing about pressure cooking is that it cuts down on cooking time by about 75 percent.

And when it’s done and you carve the corned beef across the grain and serve it up with all those steaming’ veggies, are you ever in for an Irish treat.

I hope you’ll go online and get the recipe for the, “Fastest Corned Beef & Cabbage.” Or, if you’re not into pressure cooking, we also have a slow cooker version as well.

And while you’re online, make sure you check out our other St. Patty’s Day recipes.

I’m Howard in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, where today we found an “Irish Way” for you to say … “OOH IT’S SO GOOD!”